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Pediatrics: Safety & Efficacy

In a evidence review of 31 studies conducted on the Safety and Efficacy of Acupuncture in Children, they found significant results. While more research needs to be done, which is challenging with pediatrics, statistical evidence shows acupuncture is a safe and effective form of therapy for children with nausea and vomiting, bedwetting, seasonal allergic rhinitis, pain and addiction. In the few studies on asthma, many indicated the same results from acupuncture versus standard care, making it a good choice for those not wanting to place their children on as many medications. While research in adults shows significant results with acupuncture, many pediatric studies involve a smaller population. This means that regardless of the results, scientists describe them as inconclusive as there needs to be a greater amount of data. Regarding safety, the largest complaint was some redness at the needle site and some pain involved with needle application. Please see my blog on treating children for my personal experience

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