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What is a Trigger Point

A trigger point is a group of sarcomeres (smallest unit of tissue that can contract) that gets stuck in constant contraction and causes referred phenomena. This includes pain in another area, loss of function, weakness, numbness and tingling. These trigger points can also shorten muscles fibers within muscles that can contribute to other muscular conditions like nerve impingement, reduced circulation, and of course pain. As a massage therapist, I work in reducing trigger points by appropriately warming up an area and methodically peeling the layers of the muscles to then apply ischemic compression and sometimes myofascial stretching to provide the right environment for the fibers to relax. As an acupuncturist I can work on trigger points by inserting a needle into it, as well as clearing the sinew channel that runs through it and balancing out that needle with other points to support your body in moving and nourishing your Qi. What causes trigger points? Over use, under use and improper use. I can go in there and work to relax those sarcomeres, but to fully address the pain, we will work together to discover the movements that may be causing it and what you can do to prevent them from occurring in the future.

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