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How Acupuncture & Massage Therapy Can Support Your NYE Goals.

This time of year is full of change. Everyone wants to know what your New Year's Resolution is. Are you doing Dry January? What are you doing to remove the "holiday weight" or make this year the year you will make time for yourself? These questions stem from a mindset that a new year should bring about sweeping changes. This is a tall order for anyone. In my most recent Newsletter I wrote about Winter and the energies that resonate with this time of year. This not the time to flip all of your routines, but to plant the seed and prepare so that you can set yourself up for success. Do your research, look inside and find your Why's, and also be honest with yourself of the realities of how you can accomplish your goals. You can accomplish them, and I can help you.

Acupuncture works by harmonizing the body mind and spirit so that we can walk our path in optimal health. We all resonate with the elements in different ways, acupuncture acknowledges your individuality and addresses your symptoms as they arise from the root of the problem. It is hard to create new habits and make sudden lifestyle choices when you are in pain, or feel fatigued and heavy. Acupuncture can help address insomnia and increase your mood. Treatments can also reduce stress and calm the nervous system. Getting one's Body and Mind in harmony will help propel you to accomplishing your new goals. The hardest part of any new habit it getting started, getting treatments to remove blocks will allow your qi to flow more fluid and provide the right environment for you to take that step and make that change.

Massage Therapy can help you reduce those aches and pains pulling at you and preventing you from beginning your journey into the New Year. Chronic injuries and tightness from repetitive motions can be loosened up giving your sinews freedom to move. Massage can also work out the knots and trigger points from acute pain that occurred from a long day at the office, tough night with the kids, or overdoing it at the gym. When our movements come with ease, we can gracefully take on those new challenges.

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