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Alternative Medicine vs. Integrative Medicine

These 2 phrases have very different meanings. I practice Integrative Medicine, meaning I work with your Western medical team. In acute and chronic conditions, there will be lifestyle changes and most likely medications. Acupuncture can work to support your body as it metabolizes these physical changes within. The framework for treating with acupuncture involves acknowledging the mental and spiritual aspects of a person. So all of those emotions that came with being treated for a medical condition, including the stress, is addressed and taken into consideration during diagnosis. Years ago, when I only practiced massage therapy, I had worked alongside physical therapists, athletic coaches, as well as psychologists to better support the patient from all angles. As a an acupuncturist as part of your team, working towards the goal of your optimal health, you can expect better performance, less side effects, and simply feel better for longer in a shorter amount of time.

Alternative Medicine is when you seek out a form of non-Western medicine for all aspects of your care. When one is frustrated by costumer service and lack of improvement, they have a choice in their medical care to chose one or the other. There is a place for this. I see patients with GI upset that has been challenging to diagnosis and treat, as well as conditions such as insomnia where someone has an easier choice to pick one or the other.

As a Guest House, I will support you in either capacity with zero judgement.

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