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Treating My Children

My kids are currently almost 12 and 8 years old, and they are very different when it comes to being cared for. Over the years I have been able to apply the concepts of acupuncture in taking care of their health, acute and chronic. With one of them, it is usually addressing headaches or insomnia. The other has more chronic conditions to treat like eczema and "tummy troubles". While I have not used needles with them as of yet, I have been able to apply acupressure, places seeds on stickers on the point to keep it continuously stimulated, and they both love cupping and gua sha. These last two have been super helpful with upper respiratory symptoms when they have come down with a cold, as well as calming some pre-teen hormonal episodes. Let's be honest, we all have times when life takes a hold of us. When I work with other children, I treat them as my own. I also use words like "pins" instead of needles, and take the time to really explain things to them so they understand what I am doing. They are always in control. Another aspect of Chinese Medicine is qi gong and meditation. I have been able to teach children various movements and easy breath exercises to support them in moving their emotions, or helping them to go to sleep. It is powerful to watch how any person feels when they are empowered to take the reins of their body, mind and spirit.

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